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Hard to deal? Kobe is not the exception
November 13    San Antonio Express-News   columnist Buck Harvey
" So Ginobili isn't Bryant. Ginobili's place in the game is unique. Still, these two are the same when it comes to a trade. Just as the Lakers hesitate to trade Bryant because they can't get equal value, the Spurs would face a similar dilemma."
Making a case for keeping and trading Kobe
November 13    San Antonio Express-News
" Say what you will about the Lakers great's motives, ego or lack of loyalty, he remains one of basketball's most gifted players. Express-News NBA writer Mike Monroe breaks down Bryant's stated desire that the Lakers trade him."
Kobe saga in past
November 13    Riverside Press Enterprise
"There is some peace these days in Lakerland. No longer is the Kobe Bryant saga dominating the news. No longer are the rest of the Lakers wondering if Bryant will be their teammate or if he'll be traded. "
Lakers make Odom's role simple
November 13    Orange County Register
"Game 2 of the Lakers' lay-off-Lamar era is tonight in San Antonio. After two seasons of Phil Jackson trying to fit Lamar Odom's body and temperament into Scottie Pippen's mold, the Lakers are relieving Odom of his most cumbersome responsibilities this season."
Lakers vs. Spurs, version 0.4
November 13    Los Angeles Times
"The Lakers and San Antonio Spurs meet tonight in San Antonio, with the Spurs off to a typically solid start, the Lakers trying to keep their heads above .500, and visions of 0.4 seconds built into the backdrop as Derek Fisher returns to San Antonio as a Laker for the first time since his famous heave in the 2004 Western Conference semifinals."
Jackson keeps it real about two-game Texas trip
November 13    Los Angeles Times
"The NBA schedule-makers sometimes stick it to teams going through Texas, matching them up against San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, but the Lakers have to handle only San Antonio (6-1) tonight and Houston (6-1) on Wednesday, a piece of back-to-back cake for a relatively young team."
Lakers give mixed signals
November 13    L.A. Daily News
"Games at San Antonio (today) and Houston (on Wednesday) will help to sharpen the edges of what has been a fuzzy picture. The Lakers will have a full complement of 15 healthy players for the first time as they take on two of the Western Conference's best teams and two of the NBA's best centers."
2010: The Year LeBron, Lakers Make Contact?
November 12    L.A. Daily News   columnist Paul Oberjuerge
"LeBron James watches this unfold. He watches it closely. And the guy whose life's goal is to be a 'global icon' ... decides a much better point of departure for those aspirations is Hollywood. As opposed to Cleveland."
A rare sight: Everyone's healthy at practice
November 12    Los Angeles Times
"Kwame Brown didn't sit out because of his heel, Maurice Evans wasn't bothered by his back, and Lamar Odom felt no ill effects in his shoulder, just in case his 18-point, 10-rebound effort Friday against Minnesota didn't already prove the point."
Getting back to full health
November 12    L.A. Daily News
"All together again. Or more accurately, the Lakers had 15 healthy bodies on the practice court Sunday for the first time this season. Lamar Odom made his return from left shoulder surgery in Friday's victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. "
Everyone on the floor for Lakers for first time this season
November 12    Orange County Register
"After a month of training camp and almost two weeks of regular-season play, it finally happened Sunday for the Lakers: All 15 players took the floor in practice."
Business as unusual for the Lakers
November 11    Los Angeles Times   columnist Mark Heisler
"Buss' remarks last month in Hawaii weren't the problem. He didn't mean to offend Bryant, who's sensitive for someone who recently went down the front office directory with a blowtorch. Nor is the problem that Buss didn't try to repair the damage, because he did. Lakers insiders -- oops, sorry Kobe -- say Buss called Bryant to assure him he hadn't meant to suggest any change in policy, but that Kobe was less than conciliatory."
Thriving on competition, Farmar steps up to lead Lakers bench
November 11    Riverside Press Enterprise
"He was not fearful of the competition. In fact, Jordan Farmar's attitude was to bring it on."
Mihm in starting role
November 11    L.A. Daily News
"Kwame Brown's heel injury and Andrew Bynum's inexperience have combined to give Chris Mihm another chance to be the starting center for the Lakers. He responded with 10 points and 10 rebounds in Friday's victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves."
Turnovers bad, rebounds good for Lakers
November 11    Los Angeles Times
"Phil Jackson handed out a compliment or two before getting to what irked him in the Lakers' victory Friday over Minnesota."


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